My last bow for him, who is no longer the underdog..

Jo ab na dilchasp hain, na kahani

I still love him and I still watch the show when I can, he still is very good indeed. If anything, he may even be better. ‘Creative’ directors of the show are doing a good job of dressing him up and I like his new  attire too. I like the new version of nanhi ( no I mean the other little girl, whose name is Rimjhim? I can’t remember exactly).The show, NBTNMKK, in its second season is more popular than ever, I think.

Its like everything is falling into place for them, especially KKK, people even recognize him by name and not just his character. He is the most eligible bachelor on TV. Certainly has more fans in the present than the other Kunal Kapoor, who seems to have vanished. The glory of one movie can only take you so far and the box office is very unforgiving, after all. And I have this strange urge to stop right here and write no more.

So, why do I sound slightly upset. Well I am not. Not slightly, I mean. It is another matter that what I think or not about a TV show is so insignificant in the whole plan of the universe, and no ones appointed me to be made a good judge anyway. But hey! see above, this is my blog. Just like NBT is their show and if they choose to make it a parody of what it once was, it is their choice and they at least have the TRPs to support them now.

My issue in general is with the masses, who are the same people who supported Anna Hazare and then lost interest and didn’t really know what they were supporting anyway, the same people who apparently are qualified to vote for who makes the real decisions for my country. For them needing everyone to follow a certain recipe for melodrama, to get an identity, that actually strips away an actor/ director/ writer’s core soul (if it existed). Who simply like such mind numbing stories that should clearly make them, well, soporific. Here she brings out the neuroscientist card, some people may think, who have read my blog previously. No, seriously, I am a failed neuroscientist at the best of times. My thesis research has not even been published yet. So I cannot use the card of being ‘smart’. I don’t want to. I want to use the card of being sane. Of appreciating quality, of not settling for anything less.

Then why do I still watch the show or appreciate KKK? That’s a good question. He doesn’t even reply to me anymore ( the fact that he did at all was surprising, and i have not tried to contact him in a long time). I gave up watching Grey’s Anatomy three years ago, and for all intents and purposes, at least their cases were clearly based on research/clinical papers, the surgeons might live in a soap opera, but you couldn’t find fault in the technicalities. I couldn’t, at least. Now NBT has made a joke of every investigative journalist, alive, sorry Steve Coll, or dead. It was okay while it was just a side track in the first season, after all, he was a journalist for a small town newspaper, and did in fact get shot.

Now, it is the main part of the story as the editor in chief of a news channel ( okay, I agree, ha ha, they are all pretty crappy in real life and thrive on over dramatization), hardly has any work. I think they intend to portray some form of ‘Stockholm syndrome’ in addu, where he believes that his kidnappers actually care for him, more than his ‘step’ father ( SERIOUSLY, how does anyone think it is credible to bring this Victorian theme today?). Again, its not going to be technically accurate or worth getting into. I understand that such psychological intricacies are usually not meant for the general public ( only in India, though). After the episode about Munna and Addu- It appears that they are looking for a different angle and I would like to say that it is purely ‘vengeance’ for a best friend, but I am sure there is some or the other twist involved that is not Stockholm syndrome.. which, even if tenuous, would at least have made some sense and is actually seen in the real world. Not that vengeance is not, and kids do run away all the time.. But I have yet to meet one that would prefer to do dishes in some railway station than go back home to his ‘real’ mother, and his grandparents. Or why if he was being held against his wish, he would continue to blame his step father instead of the kidnappers and not go back at any opportunity. Grrr..Why am I editing this?? Well.. I dreamed of KKK last night, and maybe he wanted me to, or something.

I know why I watch the show, though, because KKK is doing what all Indian ( and otherwise, all mediocre) actors do, you have to give the masses what they want, to do what you like and continue doing it. And potentially, all you can do anyway. You can’t be picky, because out of sight is indeed out of mind for TV viewers, so might as well continue on a show that gave you a good opportunity. That still rides on you, mainly, has built a large number of followers, who are not all soporific ( cough cough..). Why not?

From previous history it is known that Mr. Kapoor didn’t do whatever came in his way, waited to return on TV on a good show with an interesting and different storyline. Did immensely well in and as the character and shows enormous capacity of self renewal and improvisation.

The question is, does he still think there is an ounce of realism in the script, or in the characters? Does he think it makes sense for anyone to disappear completely for 12 yrs with not even an email or a phone call? Does he not think that his turbulent relationship with Addu is being blown out of proportion in forming the center point of the story? Most importantly, does he think about any of this at all? He doesn’t think he is still in a ‘good’ show, does he? Dostoevsky said (in The Brothers Karamazov), a converted cynic is the strongest believer ( with regards to religion, but I think it holds true for most anything that needs blind faith).. You’ll know what I mean, Mr. Kapoor, if you ever read this.

Anyway.. its not like he has  authority to change or alter the script and story. None of the actors do, I realize they are not Amitabh Bachchan AND this is not Hollywood.

The last movie I watched that just blew my mind was ‘Hitchcock’. I know that it is the director who makes a film, but its the actor who plays the character and I don’t know if Anthony Hopkins can ever pick a character that is not worth playing or  that doesn’t bring out all his acting prowess to light and stretches it boundlessly, every time.

Again, it is not fair to compare an Indian TV actor to one of the best actors that Hollywood has ever had,  but there is a similarity. Its me. I used to like the first few months of NBT and I liked Hitchcock. It is again I, who is disappointed. And I don’t think I have a right to expect anything, but I still do expect the best from Anthony Hopkins and Meryl Streep in drama, Jason Statham in action movies, Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock ( he is now my most favorite TV actor, along with SIR Kenneth Branagh ), Mohit Chauhan in singing, Eco Umberto, Stephen King, John Le Carre (among many others) in telling me a story, so on and so forth and Kunal Karan Kapoor in bringing a real character to Indian television.

So, its not him,  or the masses, just me. I am the problem. (Jerry Seinfeld and George, at least you never disappoint me when I need a quote) I don’t want to know the answers to my questions by the way. Even if I am sure they will not be disappointing, not when Mr. Kapoor answers them. Mr. Kapoor it is what used to be: Na bole tum, Na maine kuch kaha

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