Central Oregon beauties

Cedar watermarked-1Sahalie waterfalls-WatermarkedSpotted sandpipers-watermarked Common Merganser - water marked-1

Clear Lake, Oregon
Clear Lake, Oregon

Yellow swallowtail- watermarked

Rainbow- waterfallWe returned to visit our friends in Oregon. The entire ;to’ trip was rerouted ( going via Houston, instead of Denver, reaching Portland, instead of Redmond), but in the end our friends’ flexibility prevailed and we reached Sisters, Oregon, only about 12 hrs later than originally scheduled.

We saw the cascade mountains in their glory, the sisters are actually visible from our friends’ wonderful home.

We hiked to and along the Sahalie waterfalls, saw a wondeful rainbow, with the entire set of all 7 colors discernible!

Several life birds, as usual when I am with them: dipper, black headed grosbeak, hairy woodpecker, brown tree creeper, common merganser, goldeneye, virginia rail (with it’s chicks), western bluebird and california quail, more than half from our friend’s house. ( I have finally decided to make a spreadsheet, I am sure my friends, especially Kris will approve :D). The dipper showed us its antics, holding on, on some rocks around an under water- waterfall, with very strong currents. A wonderful great horned owl, that posed and caught a little ground squirrel.

A few beautiful yellow swallowtails were busy feeding off on the mossy/slimy stuff remaining or putrefying in an unused fish pond at a hatchery.

We saw three lakes, one was frozen. The clear lake remains at the same, chilly, temperature throughout the year and doesn’t freeze.

Some photographs. Canon 6D.

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