Weekly Photo Challenge- Between

It has been a while since I posted to the weekly challenge.

But it happened to be a very interesting topic and I am constantly posting things in between other things and those entwined with others.

Plus, the topic was picked by Broken Light. A wonderful idea by a wonderful creator.


Hand-rickshaw - watermarked

IMG_9700IMG_9534The first photo is of a hand-pulled rickshaw that hasn’t started it’s work day yet and is in between shifts, and the street dog that is in between looking for food and roaming the streets!

The second one is that of quite an old abacus.. in an old china town store. The shop owner told me she still uses it, in between.

The third photo, from the same region- Bow Barracks, kolkata, is a repost. The lady was in between the clothes, in right in between looking at me turning away completely to go back in.

As I said before, most everything I write and take photos of can be categorized as people and animals and things being in between some things. Probably right in between the important things they are doing and life..



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