Where butterflies come from: CR and caterpillars

butterfly cocoons
Emerging butterfly and other pupae (sounds like a books name!)


Blue Morpho
Blue Morpho
swallowtail hovering

butterfly-black and white-good

caterpillar- owl butterfly
Caterpillar of the owl butterfly
Spines on me- caterpillar (unidentified)
Monteverde caterpillar
A caterpillar. One that we saw, these are as well camouflaged as anything else
poisonous caterpillar (unidentified, but poisonous)
This one causes severe itching if you touch him!
Caterpillars that don’t pull punches and warn with their spiny defense (unidentified caterpillar)

There are thousands of species of butterflies in Costa Rica. Apparently 90% of the butterflies of Central and South America can be found there! Photographed beautifully by many photographers. The number of blue morphos that accompanied us down and up every trail we took was astounding (in Peruvian Amazon, we saw maybe 3 in total, in Costa Rica we saw one every 5 min in some places, like Monteverde). What really amazed me were the caterpillars we saw, I have honestly not seen so many types, with so many spines ever before!

butterfly and orange flower
Flowers as amazing as the butterflies
laying eggs on binocular straps
Swallowtail laying eggs on binocular strap!
malachite butterfly
Malachite butterfly
Owl butterfly
Blue morpho

postman front

yellow swallowtail
Yellow Swallowtail
sheared wings butterfly
A butterfly with naturally torn wings (at molting), we were told by our guide


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