Social Documentary Photography – The River People In The Peruvian Amazon

Here is my photo story published in the Edge of Humanity magazine  on the beautiful people of the Amazon.

I am slightly crazy and totally sarcastic, with a nasty icing of cynicism. I exude pessimistic vibes every now and then. However, I do actively look for things that make me happy, like birds, damselflies and dragonflies, mountains and of course, books. Generous, inspiring people and people who enjoy what they do for a living while being good at it, make me feel like it is, after all, worthwhile being human. I hope to write about things in a way that makes them interesting.. and makes me more human-like. No matter how many times I rewrite this, still comes out corny. I give up

2 thoughts on “Social Documentary Photography – The River People In The Peruvian Amazon

  1. Well -done Ishita – both the documentary and having it published. I recognized a few familiar scenes. I also really appreciated your use of angles in the photos as well as your insightful commentary. Keep on keeping on,

    > Diane > > > Check out my photo website at: > > > Upcoming photo notecard sales: > > May 28- Valour Community Club -10-3 > July 2 – VIctoria Beach Country Market 10-1 > Also available at Carol’s on Leon and the Victoria Hospital Gift Shop


    • I am so happy you read this Diane! I have been meaning to send the link to some people from La Estrella but I had a surgery (all good now) and family visiting from India and didn’t get around it. I am so glad you saw it here. Thank you so much.

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