Social Documentary Photography – The River People In The Peruvian Amazon

Here is my photo story published in the Edge of Humanity magazine  on the beautiful people of the Amazon.

Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photographer Ishita Das @ Implicit Self is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  These images are from her project ‘Portrait – Riberenos‘.  To see Ishita’s gallery of projects click on any image.

catch of the day with catfish

Amazonian Octogenarian She did not know her age Amazonian Octogenarian
She did not know her age

As the Amazon or its precursor rivers flow along, only small to medium size villages flourish by the river banks.  These villages have names like Puma Cahua and Nueva York, San Jose de Paranapura and even Manhattan..

home and little child-EOH

Family in Nueva york Family in Nueva york

Village female Mayor Village female Mayor


Whenever civilization has entered the lives of indigenous people there is much more loss to the people and to the environment than can be justified by development. However, at the end of the rubber booms, in the absence of an alternative industry, the region around Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon was sort of left alone to regenerate. Now, along the…

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2 Comments on “Social Documentary Photography – The River People In The Peruvian Amazon

  1. Well -done Ishita – both the documentary and having it published. I recognized a few familiar scenes. I also really appreciated your use of angles in the photos as well as your insightful commentary. Keep on keeping on,

    > Diane > > > Check out my photo website at: > > > Upcoming photo notecard sales: > > May 28- Valour Community Club -10-3 > July 2 – VIctoria Beach Country Market 10-1 > Also available at Carol’s on Leon and the Victoria Hospital Gift Shop


    • I am so happy you read this Diane! I have been meaning to send the link to some people from La Estrella but I had a surgery (all good now) and family visiting from India and didn’t get around it. I am so glad you saw it here. Thank you so much.

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