Monkey business

Yucatan Howler monkey (Belize zoo)
Wild White faced capuchin monkey in front the monkey restaurant, named after these monkeys that raid it often: Tortuguero, Costa Rica
The winner takes it all! Apparently this one got into a fight to decide who gets to look in the dustbins and won. Sugar addiction. White capuchin monkey (this guy was less than 6-7 feet away)
From a boat: wild mom and baby capuchin.
They also eat berries
Bolivian squirrel monkey (Peruvian amazon, about 10 meters (30 feet) away on the banks of the maranon river, we were on a unanchorable, hence always in motion, skiff)
Bolivian squirrel monkey (again Peruvian amazon, same conditions)
Common squirrel monkey-1
Common squirrel monkey (see the light grey head) and the prehensile tale of new world monkeys
Laser and monkey- watermarked
Note the light of the laser pointer. This guy was really interested in us.

These are some of the monkeys I have seen in south and Central America . A little  factoid I learned in Belize was that to record what would pass for  dinosaurs calls in the Jurassic park, the… whoever is responsible for making such recordings, went to Belize to record the howler monkey the Yucatán  ones above).

The capuchin monkeys are known to be vicious so no one keeps them as pets but I believe the squirrel monkeys are popular as pets. All these new world monkeys live in troops, except the monk saki monkey that I saw in Peru , which is a solitary animal (I don’t have a good pic of that one as it was about 0.5 miles away and up a very tall tree).

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