The red-eyed cutie

Celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday recently and found out that he invented the phrase : Green eyed monster’ among many others, many of which I thankfully knew about and many others I did not. I always thought Lewis Carroll first used : “Off with his head!” But no, that was also our dear Bard’s invention.

Anyway, somehow that reminded me of the red-eyed green frogs we saw in Costa Rica that I had not actually edited any decent photos of. The frogs are so beautiful, and despite being red-eyed are pretty peace loving and look for only love 😀 Even saw the results of their love (the eggs hanging in the underside of the leaves, that drop off into pools of water as the tadpoles hatch). I keep the photos dated from when I took them, not when I edited them so I can keep the places I visited in chronological order.. somewhat. But in reality, it seems to me I just took these as I had forgotten just how beautiful these frogs were..

Red-eyed frog-pupil small-wm
Red-eyed frog
Red eyed frog-2-wm
Pupil’s dilated
Loving frogs-wm
Female and male red-eyed frog

frog eggs-wm

Another one, this time brand new for the photochallenge Wanderlust.. 

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