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I am learning to be inspired and hopefully one day, be inspiring. Get closer to what it means to be me and yet be productive. If that were not a tall order in itself, learning to be happy now and not wait for a time, place or position in the world in the unforeseen future, I hoped to be.

Let me take a minute (or two) to explain why I chose the label of Implicit Self. It is partially related to a hypothesis put forth by a insightful scientist, ahead of his time, whom I admire and stand in awe of called Ito. His proposed theory is on the role of the cerebellum in higher executive function (this is where I will mention I have a Ph.D. in neuroscience), which has always been attributed to the frontal cortex/hippocampus (forebrain/midbrain),  or any other popular part of the brain except the cerebellum. If I have not lost you yet, his proposal was that the cerebellum ( which develops after birth to a much higher degree than other brain regions, that is as primarily motor/touch experiences in life are being felt for the first few years in humans) conducts parallel processing in adults, that leads to us ‘subconsciously‘ arriving at a decision- even if it is how much to lift an arm to reach for the cookie jar and how much we expect it will weigh (so to prepare ourselves for the lifting, which is a motor task). The cerebellum does have MORE than half the neurons of the brain, that is not to say that numbers mean more, they just provide the anatomical basis of routing parallel processing, like increased memory for RAM which is not sufficient to solve any issues without other software, but it does help.

Anyway, I think I arrived at the decision of taking only doing what interests me- using my implicit self, because I certainly did not plan on this tuning out from the ‘real’ world of science, yet have done so in many people’s opinion. This implicit self was as under- appreciated by me as the cerebellum is in the scientific world, where it is thought to be only responsible for ‘coordinated’ movement or motor functions. I am now angling to be a naturalist, in appreciation, solidarity to nature conservation.

In my blog posts I write about current affairs, poetry usually inspired by the heart-breaking current affairs or sometimes my vivid dreams, the world of entertainment, actors, directors, movies have inspired me, even when I didn’t take notice. Good books make me happy and perhaps I can tell others why they did. I think both Calvin and Hobbes have made me question life more than the intricacies of the human brain.
So, I am still, very much a nerd….

Perhaps it is only when we or I am  creative and creating something NEW, not merely putting a block on top of another (and all other activities that require shutting the brain off), is that we live without needing a ulterior ‘reason’ to live. When we can fulfill the need to be excited and enthusiastic about something, simply by doing something we love.  If we do that, we don’t feel the need to be needed and have other people depend on us, to feel alive and content. Or the need for religion or addictions. I am alive and know what I like, thank the Doctor. (yes, Doctor WHO?)

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  1. Hey sweet girlfriend. We are plenty impressed with your new venture. We will always be grateful for the accident of our travelling together in Costa Rica. Continuing to know you both and watching each of you morph is awesome for your set of Texas grandparents. Keep on growing. We are proud. See you in 2020 for sure.

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