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Is there something wrong with me?

This spider monkey reminded me of myself. On the many days I am depressed, alone among friends (this one was in the Belize Zoo). He or she looks old, maybe a little ill too. But the eyes, told me all. The photo is from… Continue Reading “Is there something wrong with me?”

Shall we sloth? in Costa Rica

In the Amazon, we saw many sloths. They were miles away and above (on kapok trees). It took the strength of my powerful binoculars to make out their hanging forms, and if we were lucky, there faces. Since then, I  thought that sloths can… Continue Reading “Shall we sloth? in Costa Rica”

Life in a cage, feelings unbound.

As I have mentioned before, I believe carefully attended zoos are an important and indispensable resource for humans, because not everyone can go out into the wild and find the animals and birds and not everyone may want to. All people want, en masse,… Continue Reading “Life in a cage, feelings unbound.”