So, how is the weather out there?

4601If you are one of those people like me, who (used to) get quite annoyed at this conversation starter, ice breaker, segway to a different topic, means to fill a pregnant silence, I am sorry to inform you of my defection to the other side.

It happened suddenly, when I realized that my persistent blurry vision, got some respite as the weather improved for a day. I have had to guess what the computer is writing when I type, for over three weeks now. Thankfully, I have not had to perform any analysis at work during this time. When suddenly, as the thermometer rose last saturday, I saw clearly for a whole two hours. That was all, but still.

Now I see ( from my mind’s eye only) how important this conversation starter would have been in different times, when conversation started between individuals who really had no idea what was happening in distant places. Then they met someone from that place, and wanted to know the most important thing, the thing that mattered to them everyday where they lived. Might have even governed their livelihood. The way to show concern, true real world concern ( not a response to a FB status update), would have been to enquire about the weather.

Then, there are several other health conditions, asthma, arthritis, other allergies, that get worse or better with the weather. So hey, an indirect way to inquire about health, to be polite, or discreet. Is it too humid (for your knees)? “is it raining nonstop again?”

I don’t think that natural disasters are exactly the ‘weather; but they are often related to it. Like, in Oklahoma, tornado weather is preceded by thunderstorms and rain.. So, do you think there is a possibility that all that you condsider yours can be flattened to the ground tomorrow?

I can imagine that for the scientists of the past century, climate may even have determined the success of their experiments. For naturalists, it no doubt still does. Geologists, conservationists, all affected by the climate.

So, next time someone asks you, even if you know they don’t care about the answer, about the weather. Reply with care. It affects them and you more than you think.

I am not going to get into climate change, today. But clearly, it maybe soon that the weather will begin to determine where we can live, and eat and travel to, more than it does now. And while I am at it, I just want to say that I hate winter. Really. Can’t see the big deal about snow! It is inconvenient, may cause accidents, is ugly when it begins to melt or begins to freeze.. What is the big deal? pppffff and now I can’t see well when it is cold. Though, I don’t know if I ever will, it has only started last month.

The doctor told me today that I have eyes as dry as the Sahara desert ( or any other desert that I prefer when he saw my sad face). I recall the old adage, at least in India, when they used to tell me not to cry too much. I could run out of tears. Then, how would I cry the next time? That was when I was maybe 8 or 9. I remember imagining  a tank behind my eyes, which could get empty, like the tank that supplied water to our apartment that needed to be filled every morning. But, since clearly, I had no way of filling this tank in my head, it was even more likely to run out. I think it did have an effect on me, has not stopped my tears over the years, but I still remember thinking all this. Again. Wives tales or old wisdom, clearly came from somewhere.

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