Ze royal dining room

lights on napoleon's table again-wm
Witnesses in light
Napoleon's dinner table-Louvre-wm
Shine and dine
chandelier's yellow lights-wm
Chandelier lights
Napoleon's dining room-louvre-wm
Royal dining table-Louvre

Inspired by a friend’s Europe tour, another acquaintance’s trip memories from a previous Europe trip and the ruling by the European parliament that American’s will need visas to travel to Europe now, I was looking back at my old photos from our trip to France and the U.K. I came across the dining room and clearly, at the time, and again today when I edited them (they are all edited today, even if I date photographs from when they were taken), I was quite taken by the whole shining arrangement.  This is the dining room in the apartment of Napoleon III, in the Louvre, Paris. A place for every thing and everything in its place. What a surprise that AFTER editing the photos I see that this week’s photo-challenge is about arrangement and order. Quelle chance!

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