Focus on whats good

Especially in the tropics, where most things are good and I never could focus on mosquitoes anyway.

Here is a violet sabrewing and and wild flower called Pachira Aquatica, Costa Rica. The flower, as the name suggests was growing by and practically on the river and I took these variable focus shots from, yes, you guessed it, a moving boat. Literally, my favorite and most often used position of photo taking. And please follow my blog, then you will know (And will not be disappointed, I promise) that I love hummingbirds.. I love the palm leaves out of focus, I wish they looked like that in real life, even if they look freaking awesome in real life, of course. Very late for this weeks daily post, but I needed something nice to do today.  

amazed aracari-wm
This aracari looked  a little dazed, too early in the morning I think.. 

Violet saberwing-good bckgrndwild flower 3-wmWild flower2- wmWIld flower-wm

I am slightly crazy and totally sarcastic, with a nasty icing of cynicism. I exude pessimistic vibes every now and then. However, I do actively look for things that make me happy, like birds, damselflies and dragonflies, mountains and of course, books. Generous, inspiring people and people who enjoy what they do for a living while being good at it, make me feel like it is, after all, worthwhile being human. I hope to write about things in a way that makes them interesting.. and makes me more human-like. No matter how many times I rewrite this, still comes out corny. I give up

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