Raven and the sun

eagle and raven-wmeagle and raven-2-wm

On my trip to Whitehorse, Yukon territory, I found my likely spirit animal: the raven.. Actually ravens are hard to miss there, no wonder the first nations have them in many tales, they are symbolic of creativity and tricks. Bald eagles are symbolic of peace and friendship and we saw a few of them. But this one flew across the Yukon river, straight over our heads, I met his eyes as he flew very close and then over to the roof of this building, where he met ‘my’ raven. The tricenter reference is allusion to the Chrestomanci heptalogy where there are series of earths and universes by Diana Wynne Jones and other books that link multiverses. Ravens are like Douglas Adam’s dolphins that make the rules…

Conclave of my raven and the young one

Decided none could keep the sun

When Tom awoke on tricenter-epsilon

Her fiery breakfast had a bright bun

ID (September 23rd 2018) edited March 2019

We also saw the spectacular northern lights in full flare. I am sure the ravens had something to do with that too..

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