Geoffroy’s Tamarins in Panama

Tamarin lion pose-wm
Geoffroy’s Tamarin striking a lion like pose
Tamarin face-wm
The only time one of them looked straight long enough for me to take a shot
Tamarin ears-wm
Those ears and smoldering eyes- the tamarin is only about 9 inches of body-length
Two tamarins-wm
Two tamarins


It has been a few months I posted anything. So a photo post was at the very least due. A great start to my 2018 in Panama, with these tamarins on the first day of this new year.. In the Gatun lake of the Panama Canal area.

Panama is wonderful for many reasons, and Panama city is the ideal city I would have built. National park within 20 min of (slow) driving. Old and very new (read skyscrapers and glass buildings) parts of the city. Jazz. Absolutely LOVELY people. And the ocean.

Lily pond


whole ponf-wm
Lily pond


These lilies are mainly all I photographed in my  last trip to India. A small digression: I took the train from Delhi to Kolkata (HIGHLY recommend: Rajdhani Delhi- Howrah AC 1st class over any flights). As we entered West Bengal I saw tens of lily ponds from behind my window glass and despaired that I won’t see one up close unless I got off at random stations and hiked backwards. Yes, that is on the bucket list now of course.

Two lilies-wm

Two closed lilies and dragonfly-wm
Dragonfly on closed lily

However, my yearning was strong enough that I did get to see one gorgeous lily pond in the majestic Agri-horticulture society of Kolkata. In October other than the decades old trees and many tropical, south american plants that were flowering there wasn’t much else. However, spat in the center of the sprawling gardens was, to my utter delight: a beautiful lily pond with open lilies at around 12 noon. Yay for serendipity, because while Moniraj claims he knew it was there, I wonder if he actually did. haha.

black and white lily pond-wm
Subject of black & white: pink lily

And this leads to another digression, people.. please read (my) travel stories (cughhh..ayahuasca..cough). I know they are long but it is the next best thing to going there and that actually DOES take longer and maybe you will want to take the time to GO once you read? Or not. No pressure.

The two lilies and the black& white lily were edited in my iPhone itself. All watermarks on computer of course. I am getting ready to change my 3 yr old iPhone so seemed like a good adieu. Thanks for all the fish and bones..

Seeing as water lilies live about 3 days, i think they are temporary, they bloom only a few hours a day too. Of course, everything is. Still appropriate for the photo challenge this week.