What Is and can be

Norther lights in Yukon, both magical and real and explainable by science, used to generate revenue with no religious allegiance.

What IS and Can be

To the righteous right

And the leftover left

The distance between can be and is

Is an underlining to the wide cleft:

A morula can be a baby

But that Is a woman’s choice

She can be a mother

Her beating heart IS her own voice

Her health Is an issue

While growing those bones and tissue

She can be made of tougher stuff

But she Is also, on her own, enough.

When a mother’s toddler is taken

Mother and child, are both forsaken

Cruelly caging them IS evil

Justifying that, Is surely the devil.

Rarely, experts can be amiss,

the real ones don’t lead by daze

They know what passes by the world, IS,

amazing and a maze.

Vaccines can be allergenic

Measles IS responsible for deaths

Treating fact the same as myth

Is hurting our kids and kith

Did the child you save

No, ‘protected’ from the vaccine poke

Agree to your masterful stroke?

What about the next door neighbors,

Who you “love” because you ought to

Do they know your living choice

Is ignoring medical advice

They may suffer for this vice

Or die, that can be no paradise.

What has saved the human race,

Many diseases and disgrace

Is for you merely a phrase.

Prayer cannot take polio out

It takes a society with real clout.

You nor your children will learn

Value in knowledge, let this burn!

Calculus can be hard to know

A rational mind Is harder to grow

If you know all that can be known (it’s all written somewhere)

Perhaps the gaping hole is blown,

Or if you like nothin’ can be known

Our paths are led, without being shown

That rational mind, it has not grown!

Climate change IS going to harm us (have you fought the fire or seen the floods?)

The extent can be catastrophic (no Noah’s ark, this is not an epic)

Human society Is responsible

Even if religion calls it a relic.

Christianity or hinduism can be a way to live

For some, that life is dogmatic

To them, gospel can be ‘myopic’.

Guns ~ shootings IS a real statistic

Sure, some people can be problematic.

Thinking is better than feelings

When it comes to long-lasting dealings

Gurus can be good at economics (shree shree shree whatever)

But a Nobel laureate IS generally,

much preferred on such complicated topics.

When someone reads the times

She IS reading the real news

It can be biased, from the pews

There Is always more to read

And can be found in others of breed.

But a blogger’s views (like mine)

Is very often, based on creed

The difference between them is:

What can be proven and what is piss

Black and white IS too simple (open your eyes and see)

A rainbow Can be more a promise

Any of the genders can be leaders,

but no one born, godfully IS.

Between what Is and what can be

We find many societies have split

No one knows,

if what Is or can be

Should be on top,

in the list of pros.

Bewildered at which door to take

Where there IS, or can be cake.

There IS right and there is left

Both CAN BE questioned and make you lit

A book with whom you cannot speak

Is limited, as Is, sans wit.

To put it simply, let me try this

Fear can be used to learn more

That is power to endure

Propaganda IS fear for politics

As the rightful gun in house,

IS used to kill a trembling spouse

People, you have never met,

can be portrayed a dire threat

Fleeing war cries they hear a voice,

that Can be yours, but is not clear

No, it Is a drone you let,

your votes sell, and pay a debt

If you looked at past letters,

their lives can be, as yours Is.

History can be learned and taught

The dove, IS being sold and bought

What IS your role in all of this

It can be real or it can be bliss

What IS life and living in sin

If what can be has never been?

ID July 7th 2019

Today (several days after I wrote the poem), I saw that some Oklahoman women I happen to know do not believe there is a valid reason that the US women soccer team is suing the US soccer federation, and in reality they are not just suing for equal pay (with the men’s soccer team), although that is definitely one of the prime reasons, they are suing for many daily discriminating behavior they endure for being the “lesser” team, which they are not. Those OK women are of course soccer moms, and perhaps they even played in girl’s soccer teams or their girls did. Its a good thing that their girl’s knew their place was in home, raising children. Otherwise, the US women’s soccer team would never have the character it has today. Winning two world cups in a row, where the men’s team mostly doesn’t even qualify for world cups and will certainly NEVER win one unless more immigrants are allowed in the country, now that slavery induced “import” isn’t an option. I don’t want to go on about other sports. It doesn’t matter really, they like sports, just not that a lesbian is a better leader than a heterosexual man (probably the president or their husband or you know, any other man they know).

Anyway. Everytime I think I can understand women’s acceptance of their stereotypic role, or try to. I am reminded of their defiance for “other” women who don’t care for those along with secret hatred laced with a strong interest in controlling the other women’s lives under the guise of what femininity should be and how society is failing to raise women to be cows as is right, where there are such stellar, courageous, skilled, articulate women proving how wrong that is every single day, I fail. I thought the far right women really appreciate sports, but clearly, there too “women must know their place and they are simply not as popular as men playing the same game, just much worse, and they still make a larger percentage of the revenue they bring in”. The popularity rating, as it happens, is not true. They seem to get their reports of percentage revenue from the same source they get their science reports: bunch of hacks who will never be at the world stage of statistics/finance (and won’t bother with links here, because if they read this so far, they are certainly not following links!). But can’t blame them, their example set by their moms is: the MOST women can be is pretty or assist other women in becoming pretty, if not pretty, they have to compliant and most essentially bend over backwards to be funny, as long as it is not actual comedy which has deep roots and assist other women to be that and know their place behind a “leader”, literally any man no matter if he abuses his wife, has never had any skill to speak of, has double standards, tunnel vision, a gigantic ego and serious issues with world view. Well, fuck you. Megan Rapinoe is a leader. She knows brotherhood better than all those flimsy (built like trucks) American football players who never had the guts to support Colin Kaepernick. But sure they generate revenue, hope it helps them with their concussions as they fall by the side, to never be remembered by anyone (fans die, writing and change: that is what lives on, take the bible and the first amendment for instance).

I am not someone who follows sports, I admire serious skill at anything, so obviously I do admire sportspeople. But long ago I realized porn is better, it gets you somewhere, whereas Indian cricketers only get to the pedestal to mumble or be sycophantic to gurus (present captain Virat Kohli was one bhakt of that pedophilic maniac Ram Raheem) and PMs while doing nothing for society (unless it is a publicity stunt). I know their star status is made by the public and it’s not their fault they are so popular. haha. But still, no one can stop me from being SO glad they are out of the Cricket World cup 2019. Again, the day any Indian cricketer has the guts to speak against the Indian government for ANY REASON AT ALL. AND NO IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH government. ANY government in power. I will change my mind. Until then, the manual scavenger who died inhaling poisonous fumes while cleaning a hospital/dispensary sewage and was never paid, did much more for society than all of current Indian team put together, so FUCK them.

Must mention buying and selling of dove inspired from Cohen’s ‘Anthem’. Dedicated to the many many posts of Humans of Hindutva admin who I wish I could have discussions with(and who for all I know is a die hard cricket fan).

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