The exotic life

I began painting with acrylics, and that remains my medium of choice for converting most of my photographs into art. The photos I choose are usually of colorful birds or flowers. I tend to stick to the real colors for both, as that is how one identifies them for who they are. Even in the few abstracts I have done, the sanctity of the living “specimen” is maintained to the best of my ability. However, the background is my playground and each one of them takes a while to develop in my mind before it materializes on canvas. I take as much effort in the foreground, as I do in the background. In many instances it maybe an expression of how the main subject fills my brain and heart. Light resisting, bright and super blendable Sennelier and Liquifast acrylics are a dream to work with. I do still love the student paints by masterclass, especially their black and crimson red. Because it is just a black, not carbon, or ivory or intense or charcoal!

18 Comments on “The exotic life

  1. Amazing art! My favorite is the Toucan talkies and Steel Magnolias. But all are very pretty. Keep it up!

  2. These are amazing . I just love the Toucan . I am so happy that you created this blog. 🤗

  3. I always knew that you are so talented,you definitely have to keep this up,those are also beautiful,looking forward to see more,pure magic.

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