In every world of every age, humans have no doubt questioned what it is, really, to be human? Why are we always at war, why we do not recognize all religions as equally misguided, maybe in different ways but still able to function to bring people together. Sure, being similar (while also being superior) awards security, but when that need to be alike itself becomes a security threat, why do we not recognize that?

Anyway, my disdain for some of human instincts only makes my love for others more stark. Here is the beginning of my dedication to what makes us human, distinctive in different parts of the world. We don’t need to be alike, we just need to be humane and really see people as we do ourselves.

Friends‘. Graphite and color pencil on pastel paper (14″ X 11″). Little girls playing in a village at the beginning of their day, they may not go to school or perhaps its a holiday. They see me with a camera and a smile directed at them. Giggle and hold each other in their excitement, wondering why I have any interest in them..

The mother‘. Graphite and color pencil on pastel paper (11″ X 14″). A young mom in Panama, also sees my camera and interest in her, holds her blanketed baby closer with a shy smile for me..

My ‘Peruvian monalisa’.. A young Ribereno mom. I didn’t notice her initially, until she stood at the door of the classroom, which was full of other children and adults. The light fell right on her and I finally SAW her. She was poetry. She had seen me and the other tourists, and it is possible that none of the others noted her. So, as she checked to make sure I was shooting her, not anyone else, I made sure I got her in the right shot. Now I think I got her poetry.. Acrylic on 16″ X 20″ canvas.

3 Comments on “Portraits

  1. Such heart warming paintings accentuated by the blog! Love the story telling ! Thanks fir sharing .

  2. I am not qualified to comment on Art.
    But I will definitely comment, expression of smiles are beautifully sketched on these girls.
    But the value of the Art is depending upon the buyer.
    About the poor lane; the road, the walls of the old poor houses and the clothes hanging for drying ropes are painted perfectly.

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