Human Ways

On my riverboat trip on the amazon, our effervescent naturalist guide told us, while pointing out a Roadside hawk (that’s their name) that for the amazonia, the river and its tributaries comprise the ‘roads’. I am sure people in Venice think that about their canals.

I think a lot of the character of cities lives in the way the streets are designed, the older the city the more the streets fight to retain its history and sometimes win. The modes of transport on these streets, also tell us the character of the people that make the place. This is an ongoing series, like most of my other projects except the ‘Blooms in blue’, I hope to add something distinctive about Panama city, old Delhi, New Orleans and Puerto Rico lane to this series..

This was the shimmering amazon after the sun had just set, as the riberenos made their way back home, trying to beat the incoming rain (although I doubt they worry too much about that) on a canoe. Perhaps with the day’s catch, or a football game. The boy on the right had seen so many of these breathtaking sunsets, that he had been looking at me taking the shot.
The fiery amazon.
When the light hits it right, this painting lights up with reflections that take me right back to the river that changed it all.. 24″X18″. Acrylic on mixed-media paper.
‘Old flame’. Belize: People on islands loving their old trucks, not willing to let go despite the fact that they may never drive them again. This Belizean home in the remote Lamanai island is attached to their truck, despite having few drivable roads, as it only has about three small villages. Acrylic on canvas (30″X 20″).
‘Kolkata Joy’. People in Kolkata, India optimizing use of space, their daily life spilling onto their narrow lanes, with big hearts and who knows how many stories.. Soft oil pastel on drawing paper (24″X 18″).

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