Wildlife Inspired Art 2020

This year I visited India in January and came back more inspired about nature and wildlife than I ever before. Since my first visit to Trinidad and then to the Amazon rainforest, I have not found myself gravitating towards nature conservation issues, wildlife, and while not strictly qualified to be of any practical use, I have used my art and skills to help in conservation projects, like some in the George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center here in Bartlesville. I am hoping to carve out a way to join my love and carefully acquired knowledge and skills to become a part of the world movement towards conservation of wildlife, resolution of human and nature conflict and responsible tourism

This year since my return, I have used oil pastels incessantly on black paper. And made two compositions on acrylic. Here they are from phone photos as I am working on a (hopeful) book and have not had the time to photograph these better.

The first block is sennelier oil pastels on black paper 14″ X 11″.

The last two are acrylic on mixed media paper, 18″ X 24″.

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