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Las Vegas downtown in black and white

These are photos from two years ago. I just found them today and as it has often (if not always) happened, I like them more now than I did when I saw them soon after our trip. This is not the Vegas strip, this… Continue Reading “Las Vegas downtown in black and white”

En Route 66 to somewhere better

This weekend we went to Branson, MO (The Las Vegas of Missouri, no less). We went on a dinner cruise with a variety show. There was a boy-man band, a magician who was the comedian and host,  a violinist who was also an aerialist… Continue Reading “En Route 66 to somewhere better”

The Underdog with a famous name

This post is going to be on an Indian TV actor. Not so long ago I was  one of the believers that those three words (ok, one is an acronym) don’t go together, so any one else who does believe that, let me introduce… Continue Reading “The Underdog with a famous name”