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My new favorite author- Neal Stephenson

It started with Doug Casey’s referral to Neal Stephenson’s work. I am not sure what led me to the essay about the history of the world’s leading (although primarily, subjectively and objectively different) leading names in computers  – Microsoft and Apple. I don’t think… Continue Reading “My new favorite author- Neal Stephenson”

So, how is the weather out there?

If you are one of those people like me, who (used to) get quite annoyed at this conversation starter, ice breaker, segway to a different topic, means to fill a pregnant silence, I am sorry to inform you of my defection to the other… Continue Reading “So, how is the weather out there?”

Bird Diversification and Hubble’s Law

AN INTERNATIONAL team of scientists has ruffled the feathers of old beliefs on evolution in birds. Using rigorous taxonomical classification and DNA-sequence data, the researchers have developed world’s most comprehensive phylogenetic tree linking all the 9,993 identified bird species. The tree shows that contrary… Continue Reading “Bird Diversification and Hubble’s Law”

In the wake of germophobia: the use and misuse of antibacterial agents

Hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps gained overnight fame, any starlet would covet, after the swine flu epidemic. The most common active ingredient found in the house hold soap bar or hand-wash is Triclosan (TCS), has been in use for over 40 yrs and… Continue Reading “In the wake of germophobia: the use and misuse of antibacterial agents”

Blood flow in mammals and the heart of atherosclerosis

And because we cannot escape physics.. Flowing fluids are what keep us alive. Air flows all around us, water flows in rivers, blood flows in our arteries and veins. Until we are let down by our own genes or habits and suffer from diseases… Continue Reading “Blood flow in mammals and the heart of atherosclerosis”