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Ruins of a sugar mill in Lamanai, Belize

  Amidst a rain forest we expect to find a lot of things, but it is rare to find a dilipidated sugar mill. I would think that was interesting enough, however, how the rain forest is taking back its land is a sight in… Continue Reading “Ruins of a sugar mill in Lamanai, Belize”

Collared Aracari (and its berry)

It has been months since our return from Costa Rica, and as I sort through photos and wait for the right day that I feel up to the task of making a photo gallery (instead of a trip report this time), I lag further… Continue Reading “Collared Aracari (and its berry)”


These are a couple of endangered birds, one of which we saw in the wild too. Photos are taken in the Belize zoo. We are yet to see a Harpy Eagle in the wild, but we saw the yellow headed parrot (using a scope)… Continue Reading “Endangered”

Our lives – Connected

“Connected.” These photos are from India, one from Delhi and the other two from Kolkata. I think in India, people connect to sellers differently. The relationship, however short lived, is much more personal (whether you want it or not), especially in all those little… Continue Reading “Our lives – Connected”

The art of America through a mart, Wal-mart and Warhol

In the fourth of July weekend, yes, that long ago, we decided to visit Arkansas’s famous town Bentonville. Don’t be surprised if you have not heard of it, neither had I until last year, but bear no doubt that it truly is famous. The… Continue Reading “The art of America through a mart, Wal-mart and Warhol”